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Alcohol & Food Delivery

You have now entered a zone which will straightaway provide you with financial calculations and help you understand our mathematics.

For a start enter some detail in the form below to simulate the Cost difference between Uber Eats and Ozeats.

Below is Dynamics content so if the section is blank, just take a breather and the calculators will show up in a few seconds.


Now that you are are confident that using OzEats is much more profitable and also how OzEats makes this happen, it is important to calculate a price hike %age to make sure your customers are not paying too much and also you are able to reach your margins.

Use the below Calculator to plan your price hike%

How We Handle RSA


We Manage RSA at 3 Stages


When the Customer register to place  an Order, they need to provide their Identity Details, First name, Last Name, DOB and Drivers Licence No.

We then electronically send this information to "Cloudcheck" ( and get an on the spot response.

Customers also need to attach their Drivers licence Pic to their Profile.

Delivery Partners:

The above process also applies to delivery partners and above that they need to have completed an RSA training course and attach their Certificate of Completion to their Profile.

At Delivery:

We have a process of Delivery PIN which the driver needs to obtain from the customer before marking the delivery as complete.

"The Marketing Strategy"


We always suggest our clients to look into the treasures within the Venue to use them to their advatage.

There will sure be a list of customers with emails and Mobiles, those who have booked tables, functions made enquiries.

We can help you to create a campaign to send an SMS and Emails to these customers and motivate them to use OzEats instead of other platforms.


As the venue is going to save a lot of money as calculated  above you can offer them Coupons in the initial transactions and bring them onboard.

If the venue is Licensed for Takeaway alcohol, that is an added bonus as the customer can get Food and Alcohol in the same order / transaction 

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