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Welcome To Sommelier Online

Most importantly we open the possibility of Alcohol delivery as our delivery partners are RSA trained.


And not to forget we are Australian Owned and Operated hence the profits (whenever we make them 😊)

will remain within the Aussi Soil



We Deliver Alcohol On Demand

OzEats is a product of a South Australian Company

"Sommelier Systems Pty Ltd".

Sommelier is located in the Adelaide University ThincLab and dedicates itself to the Hospitality Industry as automation specialists.

As the name sounds, Ozeats also a food delivery marketplace like Uberats, Menulog or any other similar market places.

Wish To Compare Savings

We foster a partnership between the Venue,  Customer, Delivery Partner  
and Technology and use this partnership to create a winning Financial 
and Value proposition for everyone.

We play a role in helping the Venue “Retain” their existing customers, rather than bringing them new ones.

It is a known fact that Retention of existing customers is lot cheaper than Acquisition of new one.

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You need some comparision numbers on whether onboarding with OzEats is viable at all?


And the curiosity about

HOW can we make this a better proposiiton than any other marketplace?

and many more HOWs

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