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Welcome To Visit Manager


Open your door to a world of digital visit manager with a quick scan to enter and exit. Our product does not only save paper and time but also logs visitors periodically. Designed to meet the needs of organizations and businesses that require to log visitors on a daily basis while offering a mobile-friendly check-in and out environment.  



  • Separate in and out qr

  • Weekly log mailed.

  • Log sort periodically

  • Embedded in your own website.

  • Covid-19 Protocol Friendly

  • Mobile-friendly web app

  • Check out using a Mobile number.

  • Customizable background


This does a wonderful job of addressing the problems, needs, and worries of maintaining logs for new or old businesses. It does not matter if you are a start-up or a well-settled firm our product can manage your needs and can handle the load.


On average, your logs not only consume storage space but also require a lot of time to sort, search and locate your visitor. Our product surprisingly does that in seconds.


We are providing the solution to your problem at 30 percent of the cost of what you spend on logging the visitors.

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